Monday, December 22, 2014

Will There Be An "Elektra" Movie Remake ?

Looking to improve on the 2003 Fox feature "Daredevil," Marvel is releasing an original TV series by the same name on Netflix in 2015, focusing on blind, crime-fighting lawyer 'Matt Murdock' aka the superhero 'Daredevil'. While this news is exciting to fans, it also poses a few questions about which other directions Marvel may take with its expanding "cinematic universe", including the return of  'Elektra' :

For those not familiar with 'Elektra', the character is essentially a martial arts master, portrayed by actress Jennifer Garner in the 2003 Fox feature "Daredevil".

Despite the critical response to that film, Fox spun-off  the character in the solo feature "Elektra", with Garner reprising the role. That film also received a mixed critical reception and not much else was done with the character after 2005.

A sequel never seems to have been seriously considered, though there is a popular game that stars the character. The 'Elektra'-themed game, designed by Playtech and hosted at the Bet Fair casino online—uses martial arts weapons from the character's arsenal as slot tabs. 

The Elektra character image is also offered as a 'wild' icon, noteworthy in that online casinos typically use characters from shows and films that are currently popular. Now, despite the fact it has been nine years since the "Elektra" film, there are some who are keen to see a remake for one of Marvel's most prominent female superheroes. 

In some ways, the "Daredevil" television series (that is basically being designed as one very long film) seems like a harbinger of more to come. Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that Marvel does seem to be advancing the Elektra character. 

According to a Hitflix article from a year ago, Marvel has been producing a new "Elektra" comic book series. That isn't necessarily an indication of a film to come, but it does demonstrate that the character is an evergreen property providing fresh content should a new film be created.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said he believes screen rights to 'Elektra' fall under the same agreement as the recently reacquired Daredevil.

It's also worth noting the 'Elektra' debate came to life when news of a "Daredevil" television show first started circulating. With expectations beginning to build for "Daredevil" and the release of the Netflix show in 2015, fans are hoping if Elektra will make another film appearance. Our bet is she will eventually, as Marvel seems to have no boundaries when it comes to expanding its "Cinematic Universe."

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