Tuesday, April 24, 2007

CAEAA Reveals Vision for 2007 ELANS

"The look, feel and entertainment value of the 2007 Elans will rival other world class event shows, including productions like the Grammys, AMAs, and the Oscars," said Holly Carinci, Founder and Producer of the CAEAA Elans, a three-shows-in-one awards ceremony recognizing outstanding achievement in Video Gaming, Animation and New Media /Digital Arts Students.

As the Video Game industry jockeys for position as number one over the Movie Industry in entertainment, the CAEAA producers decided in 2006 that it was time for the Digital Entertainment Industry to finally have a stage to take its bow.

The inaugural show, hosted by William Shatner on September 14, 2006, was a huge success with major industry support from top luminaries in all three sectors. Now, six months prior to their second staging of the Elans, the Producers are unveiling a sneak peek into what the public, the media and the three awarded industries can expect from the 2007 Elans.

Mark Wyatt, Production Coordinator for the CAEAA said "Moving the show to a new, larger venue presents some innovative and exciting staging opportunities. The theatrical stage in the Centre for Performing Arts will enable us to change scenery, incorporate moving set pieces, and add a new dimension to the staging and set design. Last year’s event featured a static, visually appealing set that was well lit and looked great. It served its purpose for a first year show. This year, with the new theatrical venue, we are adding a whole new dynamic to the event. We are much more able creatively to design a set with a huge WOW factor."

The set itself will be animated, featuring moving set pieces, scene changes, theatrical scrims, breakaway screens, interactive animated elements, featuring state-of-the-art technology such as motion capture and possibly even holograms.

Last year’s show incorporated a basic three camera shoot, providing a maximum of 3 camera angles for live broadcast onto the screens. This year’s event will be advanced from a production technological standpoint: Six to 10 different cameras, including an overhead jib, will provide a multitude of visual possibilities, creating a superior presentation of television broadcast quality. Video effects such as multiple pictures-within-picture capabilities will enable the CAEAA to broadcast all of the Elan nominees in a specific category live on screen as they are announced.

"Our video crew will include some of the best technicians and directors in the country, providing us with the knowledge and expertise to produce a world-class production," said Wyatt.

The 2006 Elans utilized a very competent in-house lighting system that provided multiple looks and greatly enhanced the event. This year, theatrical lighting will be a key element in the look of the Elans. Moving fixtures, color blasts, and special effects will visually enhance the animated set. A combination of live and video imagery and special effects will keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The 2007 Elans will be lighting for broadcast as well as a live event, and the end result will be breathtaking.

Celebrity Host and Presenters will bring huge appeal to the viewing audience. Having the envious luxury of working with the most sought-after demographics in broadcasting will make certain that the 2007 Elans Host and Presenters are the perfect fit for both the Heads of Households and the Teenagers that make up their top two demographics. For Hard-core Gamers and Industry Luminary audience, the 2007 Elans will be bringing long-overdue public celebrity to some of the most famous names in Video Gaming and Animation.

"Live entertainment will be incorporated with stellar graphics, animation and special effects," said Wyatt.

"The beauty of this show, in comparison with any other awards show broadcast, is the incredible technology that goes into each nominated piece. Whether it’s a gaming nomination or animation, or work done by the student nominees, as each nominee is announced and the clip is shown, the audience is literally blown away by the amazing work of the top animators and gamers in the world. Each segment grabs the attention of the crowd. This factor alone accomplishes what so many other awards shows strive for. There is never a dull moment at the Elans. The entertainment value in the nominees alone makes the Elans an awards show that is unrivalled in terms of audience appeal."

"The inaugural Elans was produced on a shoestring budget, but was nonetheless a great first year event that was entertaining and thrilled all of the participants and the audience," said Carinci.

"The production of the 2007 event will build on that excitement, and the production will take the show to a new level of entertainment that is unsurpassed on any awards show stage."