Thursday, May 17, 2007

SFU "Focus On Film"

Sneak Peek has been invited to cover the Simon Fraser University Alumni Association "Focus On Film", 2007 Annual Alumni Gathering & General Meeting, Wednesday May 23 at the Vancouver International Film Centre and Vancity Theatre.

The sold out event will showcase what's new at SFU, including a sneak peek into the BC Film industry and a viewing of SFU films.

Writer/director Scott Smith will be in attendance talking up his first feature "rollercoaster", his second film "Falling Angels" and his Genie-nominated short "Sshhh".

SFU alumni-involved, feature-length films include "Fido", "Flesh", "Immigrant", "Of Golf and God", "Suckerfish", "The Corporation", "The Delicate Art of Parking", "Falling Angels", "Flower and Garnet", "Mile Zero", "Khaled" and "Protection".

Stay tuned...