Friday, September 21, 2007

VIFF Film & TV Forum: New Filmmakers' Day...

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The Vancouver International Film Festivals' 22nd Annual Film and Television Forum builds to a climax with New Filmmakers’ Day (NFD), September 29, showcasing a line-up of award-winning film professionals, in the only event of its kind in Western Canada.

Following his film's launch at this year's Opening Night at the Toronto International Film Festival, Jeremy Podeswa, director of "Fugitive Pieces" brings his insight to 'Anatomy Of A Scene', with an insider's scoop on two scenes from the film that created unique challenges for him. Podeswa is currently prepping for the Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks TV-mini "Pacific".

New Filmmakers’ Day also presents 'Blissful Union: The Cinematographer and Production Designer Relationship'. BAFTA/American Society of Cinematographer DP Philippe Rousselot has worked with directors Robert Redford, Neil Jordan, Sydney Pollack and Stephen Frears. At the forum, he will discuss artistry and interplay with Alex McDowell, Production Designer for Spielberg’s "Minority Report", David Fincher’s "Fight Club" and Tim Burton’s "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory".

New Filmmakers’ Day also ventures into indie filmmaking, exploring people-powered financing/distribution with 'Fast Forward: Filmmakers Seize Control'. From generating buzz to financing a feature through social networking sites, more films are being financed outside the box of studios and mini-majors. Leading the way is Lance Weiler, whose first feature "The Last Broadcast" is noted as the first all-digital motion picture released theatrically. With Weiler's alternate reality game "Head Trauma" reshaping paradigms of entertainment, this seminar is for emerging filmmakers seeking unique strategies for success.

Also featured is Arin Crumley, director of "Four Eyed Monsters", a film invited to 20 film festivals, nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards and screened theatrically while managed/distributed by its sole creators.

The 22nd Annual Film and Television Forum happens in the Rogers Industry Centre @ the Vancouver International Film Centre/Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour Street, September 26-28.

New Filmmakers’ Day is September 29th.

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