Sunday, September 30, 2007

Small Town. Big Secrets...

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The SCI FI Channel has ordered up a third season of the Vancouver-shot TV series "Eureka", greenlighting 13 more episodes.

The show brought in more than 3 million new viewers to Sci Fi in the second season.

The show premiered July 18, 2006. In the UK and Ireland it first aired on Sky One, August 2, 2006, titled "A Town Called Eureka". Repeats of the first season have since been broadcast on the British Sci Fi Channel, with a second season of thirteen episodes debuting in the US July 10, 2007. It premieres in the UK, October 2007 on Sky One.

According to Sci Fi, "Eureka" was initially developed as an animated series.

The premise is set in a secret town of the same name inhabited by 'uber-geniuses'.

After World War II, with Albert Einstein's help, US President Harry S. Truman authorized the construction of a residential town built in a remote area of the Pacific Northwest, to protect and nurture the country's greatest thinkers. 'Eureka' would never appear on any map and remain unknown to the public.

But in the fifty years since the town's founding, with its residents responsible for every leap in natural sciences, a number of experiments go awry...