Thursday, July 10, 2008

3rd "Elan Awards": February 28, 2009...

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"... There were many leaps forward announced today by the producers of the Elans – an awards show that has for the last two years honored video games and animation with big-name hosts such as William Shatner (1st year) and Seth MacFarlane (2nd year) – not the least of which being their addition of Visual Effects award categories to their next show taking place in Vancouver on Saturday, February 28, 2009.

Adding VFX to their categories isn’t the only big step forward the Elans are taking; the 3rd Annual Elan Awards will also become the first ceremony of its kind to have all of its categories open to world-wide submission.

“Expanding the Elans to international content is an exciting next-step,” says Ian Verchere, Producer/Creative Director/Faculty, Masters of Digital Media Program. “ Vancouver ’s video game, effects and animation industries compete on the world stage for commercial and critical success, so it’s appropriate for the world’s best games, animation and special effects to compete for the Elans on a Vancouver stage.”

Producers Holly Carinci and Jack Weatherell also announced today their Board of Advisors for their 3rd Annual Elan Awards 2009. The luminaries behind the Elans this year are:

Anthony Brown, Managing Dir of Bus Development, Seven Group;
Doug Binkley, Marketing, Seven Group;
Doug Campbell, President, Spin West VFX ;
Ian Verchere, Creative Director, Masters of Digital Media Program;
Michael Matrick, Tech Business Advisor;
Kay Gruenwoldt, Head of Title Marketing, North America , Nokia;
Kelly Zmak, Radical Entertainment, President;
Tarrnie Williams, General Manager, RELIC Entertainment

The President of Radical Entertainment, Kelly Zmak, explains his reasons for accepting a position on the ELAN’s Board of Advisors: “The ELANS represent a unique opportunity for the industry to honour and acknowledge the talents and artistry of the people who make games,” says Zmak. “We do this as our chosen profession: The ELANS provide a perfect setting to celebrate this powerful form of entertainment and art.”

Kay Gruenwoldt, Head of Title Marketing in North America for Nokia, adds, “The Elan Awards have already been a highlight for us in Vancouver this year and we are looking forward to next year’s event. With roughly 3.3 billion mobile devices in the market today the world is ready for mobile gaming and our N-Gage games are ready for the awards.”

The 3rd Annual Elan Awards 2009 have already acquired a great partnership this year with the Seven Group. The Seven Group provides end-to-end technology solutions and has designed and built the infrastructure for some of the biggest Video Game, Visual Effects and Animation studios in the world. The Seven Group will be overseeing the technical aspects of the Elans and their surrounding events and galas ensuring a flawless, state-of-the-art production.

“We see the ELANS as representing the best-of-the-best and the pinnacle of recognition for excellence in this spectacular industry,” says Anthony Brown, Seven Group’s Managing Director of Business Development. “We’re so very proud to be a part of it; to be able to show our support and to participate in such a global movement.”

Doug Binkley, Seven Group’s Marketing Director, goes on to say, “The ELANS allow this incredible industry to have recognition and applause from peers and public alike. More and more people, businesses, sponsors, up-and-comers and organizations want to take part.”

Brown summarizes: "The ELANS are a truly red carpet event. Everything is first class, with "A" list hosts, tuxedos and evening gowns, and the upper echelon of industry big wigs in attendance. Our company got more exposure from the ELANS than from any other event we have ever been part of. It’s about time that this industry was recognized for its contribution to arts and entertainment. We will be a part of the ELANS for many years to come..."