Wednesday, September 24, 2008

VIFF 2008: Opening Weekend International Guests...

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Eden - Director Declan Recks - Festival Guest. Ireland

Thu. Sep 25, 10:00pm, Granville #3

Fri. Sep 26, 2:00pm, Granville #4

Eugene O'Brien's play forms the basis for Declan Recks' unravelling of a marriage in decline. Breda and Billy are approaching their 10th anniversary, but they don't have much to celebrate. Entropy has taken its toll, and the couple's painful realization of this fact is tragedy writ small. Eileen Walsh copped the best actress award at Tribeca 2008.

Magnus - Director Kadri Kõusaar - Festival Guest. Estonia/UK

Sat. Sep 27, 9:30pm, Granville #2

Mon. Sep 29, 11:00am, Granville #4

Fri. Oct 3, 1:15pm, Vancity Theatre

After a near death by overdose, young Magnus is taken in hand by his absent father for some "paternal care"--despite the fact that his stocky dad, while unwaveringly upbeat, is an unrepentant whoremonger and drug abuser... "Gently drifting between drollery and moodiness... Magnus is a profound emotional experience.... [An] astounding debut from 26-year-old writer-director Kadri Kõusaar..."--Variety

Apology of an Economic Hitman - Producer Drew Figueroa - Festival Guest. Greece

Fri. Sep 26, 7:15pm, Granville #6

Sun. Sep 28, 2:15pm, Granville #6

Thu. Oct 9, 7:15pm, Granville #6

Based on John Perkins' best-selling book, this is a savage exposé of the secret history and practice of the highly secretive cabal assigned to foster the triumph of the American global empire almost beggars belief. John Le Carré has nothing on the treachery revealed here.

Burned Hearts - Director Ahmed El Maanouni - Festival Guest. Morocco

Fri. Sep 26, 6:40pm, Granville #3

Sun. Sep 28, 2:30pm, Granville #3

Moroccan cinema comes of age in this beautifully realized drama from director Ahmed El-Maanouni. A young architect returns to his childhood home, only to be catapulted back into difficult memories of his days as a virtual slave to his ironsmith uncle. "A carefully textured reflection on the conflicts in contemporary Moroccan society."--Variety

Throw Down Your Heart - Director Sascha Paladino, Musician Bela Fleck - Festival Guests. USA

Fri. Sep 26, 6:45pm, Granville #1

Sat. Sep 27, 1:30pm, Granville #2

Mon. Oct 6, 7:00pm, Granville #2

This Buena Vista Social Club of African music features virtuoso banjo player Béla Fleck's journey to Uganda, Tanzania, Gambia and Mali to jam with superb musicians in their village settings. In Sascha Paladino's delightful film, the phrase "dueling banjos" doesn't even begin to sum up the pure joy of watching these musicians in action.

Circus Rosaire - Director Robyn Bliley - Festival Guest. USA

Fri. Sep 26, 8:45pm, Granville #5

Sun. Sep 28, 12:00pm, Granville #5

Thu. Oct 9, 12:15pm, Granville #1

For nine generations the Rosaire family has fascinated audiences around the world with their legendary animal acts. But changing mores towards animals and competition for the entertainment dollar has led to a drastic downturn for the animal-friendly circus... Robin Bliley's documentary is intimate, heartbreaking and often hilarious...