Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Space Mission Astronauts "Defying Gravity"...

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CTV, Vancouver's Omni Film Productions Limited and Fox Television Studios, will start filming the new, one-hour Canadian drama series "Defying Gravity", in Vancover, January 19 to June 17, 2009.

Executive produced by series creator James "Grey's Anatomy" Parriott and Michael "Desperate Housewives" Edelstein, "Defying Gravity" is a Canadian/U.S. co-production that will air in Canada on CTV and SPACE, in the UK on BBC and in Germany on ProSieben.

Premise is set in the near future, following eight astronauts from five countries (four men and four women) who undertake a mysterious six-year international space mission through the solar system.

Starring actor Ron "Office Space" Livingston, 13 one-hour episodes will be filmed in BC, with David "House" Straiton directing the first episode.

Cast also includes Laura "Stargate" Harris as 'Chloe', Eyal "The Young And The Restless" Podell as 'Mintz', Christina "Stargate: Atlantis" Cox as 'Jen', Zahf "Firewall" Paroo as 'Ajay' and Florentine Lahme as 'Nadia'.

"...Defying Gravity is a sexy, provocative relationship drama set in the very near future against the background of our solar system, in which eight astronauts from five countries (four women and four men) undertake a mysterious six-year international space mission covering eight billion miles. With the eyes of the world upon them - everything they do is monitored, and every emotion they feel, scrutinized - they soon discover that their real assignment is not at all what they thought..."