Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Warner Premiere: "Watchmen" Motion Comics On Blu-ray- March 3...

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Warner Premiere is launching a new version of its debut "Watchmen" installment on DVD and Blu-ray, March 3.

"The Watchmen: Motion Comic" discs contain the 12 episodes that originally rolled out on Web services iTunes, Amazon Video On Demand, Microsoft's Xbox Live and Sony's PlayStation Store.

The DVD and Blu-ray releases will also include $7.50 'movie cash', good towards admission tickets for Warner’s Vancouver-lensed theatrical "Watchmen" feature, opening March 6.

In other enhancements, both the DVD and Blu-ray will include a sneak peek at the March 3 Warner DC Comics title "Wonder Woman: The Amazon Princess".

The Blu-ray version will also contain an exclusive interview with Dave Gibbons, co-creator of the graphic novel "Watchmen", as well as an exclusive "Watchmen" theatrical scene.

“Warner Premiere approaches each of our digital content initiatives with the goal of maximizing the business and creative opportunity across as many platforms as possible,” said Diane Nelson, Warner Premiere president.

While the Watchmen Motion Comic series was created specifically for an initial digital window, and has been received very positively by users on iTunes and other digital download services, we believed that there would be a strong market with Watchmen fans who want to own the complete collection on DVD.”

Warner is looking into pushing further Motion Comic brands onto home entertainment platforms.

Following "Watchmen", Warner revealed the Motion Comics "Batman: Black and White" and "Batman: Mad Love" onto digital services.

The studio also plans to release a "Superman Red Sun" Motion Comic...