Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Janyse Jaud Is Marvel's "Hela' and 'Lady Deathstrike'...

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BC-based voice over artist Janyse Jaud, noted for several DC/Marvel animated series, recently played 'Hela' in Marvel's animated series "Hulk Vs Thor" and as 'Lady Deathstrike' in "Hulk Vs Wolverine".

The Marvel character Hela, daughter of 'Loki', ruler of 'Hel'/'Niffieheim', debuted in Marvel Comics "Journey Into Mystery" #102, (March 1964), @ 7 ft. tall, weighing 500 lbs with green eyes and grey hair.

By the decree of 'Odin', ruler of the 'Asgard' gods, Hela was crowned absolute ruler of the spirits of the dead.

'Yuriko Oyama', aka Lady Deathstrike, created by Dennis O'Neil and Larry Hama was further developed by writers Bill Mantlo and Chris Claremont, with artist Barry "Conan" Windsor-Smith designing her 'cyborg' look. The character debuted in "Daredevil" #197 as Yuriko and as Deathstrike in "Alpha Flight" #33. Her father 'Lord Dark Wind' created the 'adamantium' process that was forced onto 'Wolverine'. The villain 'Spiral' then bonded adamantium to her skeleton, accompanied by additional cyber-genetic enhancements.

Jaud is also noted for voicing 'Orange Blossom' in the upcoming “Strawberry Shortcake” feature, all female voices in DC/Warners "Batman Motion Comics", played 'Pinkie Pie' in Hasbro's "My Little Pony", 'Cymbeline' in "Bratz" and 'Baby Melissa Duck' in "Baby Looney Tunes".