Sunday, March 15, 2009

"V": The Reptilian Agenda Invades Vancouver...

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The ABC TV pilot, remaking the 1980's alien invasion series "V" started shooting in Vancouver March 13 with Yves Simoneau directing for producer Kathy Kilroy and Executive Producers Scott "The 4400" Peters, Jace Hall and Steve Pearlman. DP is David Franco.

Filming continues to April 4.

'The Visitors ' are alien reptilian humanoids who disguise themselves to look human, prefering to eat live prey.

Warner Bros. TV is producing the pilot, which was sold as a spec script to ABC.

HDFilms principal Jace Hall is the former head of Warner Bros. videogame division.

"Whenever I mention ‘V’ to anybody, they still have a lot of good memories about the original movie and series," said Peters.

"Everybody has that imagery of the uniforms, or the visitor eating a hamster. It’s a science fiction icon and too good to pass up."

Peters said the new "V" follows catastrophic events after the masses blindly follow a new leader, with a a focus on 'Erica Evans', a US Homeland Security agent.

As in the 1980's version, the show will open with an army of spaceships hovering over the world’s major cities, with the 'visitors' secretly planning "to serve man" (on a dinner platter).

The original "V" was a ratings hit in 1983, spawning a sequel and weekly TV series, airing in the 1984-85 season...