Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Stargate: Universe"- The Apology...

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"Recently, a casting breakdown was released to agents for an upcoming character in our television show, 'Stargate Universe'.

The character, 'Doctor Eleanor Perry', is a brilliant scientist at the top of her field, who also happens to be a quadriplegic.

As part of a science fiction conceit that is core to our series, Perry's consciousness is temporarily exchanged with one of our series main characters, 'Camile Wray', who is a lesbian.

In the course of the story, Perry has the experience of being able bodied for the first time since she was a child. At the same time, Wray, temporarily encumbered by Perry's physical disability, experiences the unconditional love of her life partner.

The language of the breakdown was insensitive and inaccurate, and we sincerely apologize to those who may have been offended. The audition pages that have been under scrutiny were from an early draft and released out of context. It is our desire and intention to portray both characters with dignity and respect, while remaining mindful of the ethical issues we're raising..."

Brad Wright and Robert Cooper
Executive Producers
"Stargate: Universe"