Sunday, January 31, 2010

Join The "Stargate Resistance" - February 10

On February 10, FireSky will be releasing the very first "Stargate" PC video game, based on the Vancouver-lensed TV series "Stargate".

In the 3rd person shooter, gamers will have the chance to be either 'Stargate Command' or the 'System Lords' as they use the 'Stargate' to travel and battle for 'galactic dominance'.

"Stargate Resistance" (SGR) was developed by Firesky and Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, the studio behind MMO role-playing game "Stargate Worlds".

"...In 'Stargate Resistance', SGC's influence is spread throughout the galaxy, freeing enslaved peoples and developing a free Galactic culture of humanity once controlled by the System Lords. But the System Lords do not accept this change in the status quo. Intent on regaining what they once held, the new System Lords are beginning an organized assault on key locations throughout the galaxy. Their goals are to re-enslave these populations. The System Lords will not stop at conquering a handful of worlds. As their dominion increases they will push resistance all the way back to Earth, and enslave all of humanity..."

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