Thursday, February 04, 2010

Producer Says BC Credits For Video Games Not Movies

According to reports, tax breaks recently announced by the British Columbia Government for film/digital media producers, working in the province, only addresses video game producers "...which will put money into the pockets of the Pixars and Electronic Arts and large video game companies which are based primarily in Los Angeles," said Vancouver producer Shawn Williamson.

"This is actually a packet of tax credits that supports the industry as it is about to become," replied Kevin Krueger, BC Minister Of Culture.

"Which is a conversion of the film, the digital, the animation, the digital effects and I think most importantly now the electronic gaming."

The BC film industry has been lobbying for improved film tax credits since Ontario and Quebec upped their incentives June 2009, with Ontario filmmakers receiving a tax credit on most of their costs of production, including lighting equipment, trucks, trailers and cameras.

The BC credit is only based on labour, typically half the cost of production...