Wednesday, March 03, 2010

"Max Manus": Vancouver Screening Ticket Give-Away- March 18

VancouverFilm.Net is giving away double ticket passes to a special screening of "Max Manus" in Vancouver, Thursday March 18 at 7PM at Cinemark Tinseltown.

"Max Manus" opens in Vancouver April 2.

"...Based on a true story, 'Max Manus', follows 'Manus' (Aksel Hennie) from the outbreak of World War II until the summer of 1945. After fighting against the Russians during the Winter War in Finland, Manus returns to a German-occupied Norway. He joins the resistance movement and becomes one of the most important members of the so-called 'Oslo Gang', soon confirming his reputation for audacity by making two daring escapes from German captivity. One of the film’s most thrilling sequences is a detailed account of the sabotage techniques used to sink a heavily guarded German supply ship in Oslo harbour, an act that leads to severe retaliation from the local Gestapo leader, 'Siegfred Fehmer' (Ken Dunkun)..."

To get your free double-pass to see "Max Manus", go to Vancouver's "The Refinery", 1115 Granville Street and tell them VancouverFilm.Net sent you.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Max Manus"...