Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Red Riding Hood": Good Girls Don't Talk To Werewolves

Sneak Peek the "Red Riding Hood" book adaptation supporting director Catherine Hardwicke's upcoming Vancouver-lensed fantasy horror feature "Red Riding Hood", by author Sarah Blakley-Cartwright :

"...'Valerie' is in love with the dangerous and unlikable 'Peter', a woodcutter, but is betrothed to the rich blacksmith 'Henry'. Their town has been terrorized by a wolf that appears only at the full moon and when Valerie's sister goes missing, the message is clear: she's next..."

"Red Riding Hood" is produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Ireland, Jennifer Davisson Killoran, Alex Mace and Julie Yorn. Screenplay is by David Leslie Johnson, based on the classic folk tale "Little Red Riding Hood", collected by Charles Perrault under the name "Le Petit Chaperon Rouge" and by the Brothers Grimm as "Rotkäppchen".

The film stars Amanda Seyfried as 'Valerie', Virginia Madsen as 'Suzette', Billy Burke as 'Cesaire', Julie Christie as 'Grandmother', Shiloh Fernandez as 'Peter', Gary Oldman as 'Father Solomon', Max Irons as 'Henry', Michael Shanks as 'Adrien Lazar', Quentin Bates as 'Henri Lazar', Christine Willes as 'Madame Lazar', Yolandi Hattingh Cook as 'Solomon's Daughter', Michael Hogan as 'The Reeve' and Lukas Haas as 'Father August'.

"Red Riding Hood" opens March 11, 2011.

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