Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Vancouver Fan's Top Five Local Productions


 "...I follow this blog and notice that there are a lot of films, big and small, created in and around Vancouver. I thought I'd collect together five of my favourite productions partially produced in the area, to give you a rough idea of just how popular the Vancouver region is : 

(1) "Smallville" is a big deal to anyone who enjoys big-budget, great television. Following the early years of 'Superman', it's still a treat for both comic book veterans and newbies alike. Some watch it religiously, some keep an eye on it, while they play at after work. Whichever group you fall into, you'll notice that a lot of the area is seen in the series.


(2)" Twilight: New Moon". This part of the 'Twilight' series was partially filmed near the Vancouver-area city of Burnaby. A continuation of the paranormal romance series that sees a high-school girl fall in love with an eternally-teenage vampire, the film was hugely popular, as was the novel it was adapted from.


(3)"Fantastic Four": Rise Of The Silver Surfer" was another comic-book-adaptation I liked, following four Marvel Comics' superheroes, each with a unique power that allows them to defend the world (especially the city of Vancouver, obviously) from evil. The scene for which Vancouver is a part of was filmed at the well-known BC Place Stadium.


(4) I, Robot". Ever wondered why parts of this sci-fi film about a robot uprising look so familiar? That's because chunks of it were filmed in Vancouver's Gastown, a location these days known as the home of fashionable furniture and clothing.


 (5) "Daddy Day Care". Yes, that's right - the elementary school you saw in 'Daddy Day Care' was none other than 'Henry Hudson Elementary School'. A great film for all the family, it makes use of the wonderful architecture at the school, which will in 2012 celebrate its 100th birthday !..."