Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More DC Superheroes Land On "Arrow"

According to executive producers Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim, there will be at least 10 DC Comics characters that will appear on the upcoming live-action TV series "Arrow", based on the 'Green Arrow' comic book character :
'Felicity Smoak-Raymond' debuting in DC's "The Fury of Firestorm #23 , will appear in the series as the manager of a computer software company who takes up the fight to keep 'Starling City' clean.
'Walter Steele', debuting in DC's "Green Arrow' Vol 4 #1, will appear as the new CEO of 'Queen Industries'. 
'Merlyn', debuting in DC's "Justice League of America" #94 will appear as a villainous archer and member of the deadly 'League of Assassins'.
'China White', debuting in DC's "Green Arrow Year One" #3, will appear as  the leader of a large drug cartel that supplied the bulk of heroin to the Pacific Rim.
'Constantine Drakon' debuting in DC's "Green Arrow" #27, is a Greek assassin and one of the most feared martial artists in the DC Universe. 
'Floyd Lawton', aka 'Deadshot', debuting in DC's "Batman" #59, is an assassin, who had one of his eyes gouged out by 'Green Lantern'.
'Black Canary', debuting in "Flash Comics" #86 is a world-class martial artist and kick-boxer who assumes the costume and identity of her mother, the original 'Black Canary'. She is known for an ability to deliver a 'Canary Cry' ultrasonic scream that at its peak, can level a small building.  
'The Huntress', debuting in DC's "The Huntress" #1, is a vigilante  who secretly sabotages her father’s crime family. 
'Deathstroke', debuting in DC's  "The New Teen Titans" #2 is a mercenary, genetically augmented by the government to be the perfect soldier.
 'Speedy', debuting in DC's "More Fun Comics" #73, was the ward and sidekick of Arrow, but will now be Oliver Queen's sister 'Thea Queen', who takes up the bow later in the series. Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Arrow"...