Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Arrow" Season 2 Casting Update

Actress Summer Glau ("Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles") has been cast as a masked DC Comics' villain for Season 2 of "Arrow", currently shooting in Vancouver:

Glau will play 'Isabel Rochev', "...beautiful and dangerous Vice President of Aquisitions for 'Stellmoor International', a company looking to take over 'Queen Consolidated'. Rochev believes she is the rightful heir to the 'Queen' family fortune and will try and get 'Oliver' out of the way..."

In the comics, Isabel Rochev was born in a small village in Siberia, where she lived a life of servitude, working in a diamond mine.

When the head of 'Queen Industries', 'Robert Queen', came to her village, she was inspired by the man, falling in love with him, and vowing to make something of herself, to rise from her humble status as a slave girl. She achieved this goal years later, after the death of Queen, when she became the new CEO of 'Queen Industries', having brought large numbers of shares in the company, though many smaller organizations that she owned.

Her goal was, and still is to make the name of Queen Industries great again, after the company had continuously lost profit and support for many years. She would soon begin to provide her own personal private security forces to 'Star City', as the corrupt bureaucrats of the city were desperate to keep control of the population.

Isabel wears a mask to hide her face and desires nothing more than to make the company's name great again and see the disgraced son, 'Oliver Queen' aka the vigilante 'Arrow', killed, by whatever means necessary.

The new Season of The CW's "Arrow" debuts October 9th, 2013.

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