Thursday, August 15, 2013

"Arrow" Casts Out 'Sin'

Actress Bex Taylor-Klaus ("The Killing")  will play the DC Comics' character 'Sin' in "Arrow", Season 2, episodes #3 and #4, described as a wayward youth, befriended by 'Black Canary', with a connection to fellow street urchin, 'Roy Harper'.

In DC Comics, the character was created by Gail Simone, debuting in "Birds of Prey" #92 (1999),  introduced when Black Canary made a deal with 'Lady Shiva', switching lives for a year, in which 'Dinah' would train at a village in Asia.

The village was ruled by a cruel, martial arts master known as 'Mother'. While there, Dinah met a young girl dubbed 'Sin', groomed to become a killer. Sin and Dinah developed an immediate sister/mother bond and when Dinah grew tired of Mother's training, she left and took sin with her, defeating Mother as Black Canary.

Returning to the US, Dinah introduced Sin to her friends, teaching her "...the wonders of the western world..." and educating her in English.

Once Lady Shiva's potential successor, she is now the adopted daughter of 'Dinah Lance' and 'Green Arrow'.

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