Friday, February 21, 2014

More Footage From "Arrow: Time Of Death"

Sneak Peek more new footage from the upcoming Season 2 "Arrow" episode "Time of Death", written by Wendy Mericle/Beth Schwartz and directed by Nick Copus, airing February 26, 2014 on The CW:

"...'Oliver' (Stephen Amell) brings 'Sara' (Caity Lotz) into the 'Arrow' team.

"Watching Oliver and 'Diggle' (David Ramsey) spar with Sara and talk old scars, 'Felicity' (Emily Bett Rickards) starts to feel left out. 

"The team is investigating a villain named 'William Tockman', a.k.a. 'The Clock King' (Robert Knepper), who is a brilliant thief armed with technology that can open any bank vault in 'Starling City'.

"After The Clock King infiltrates the computer systems in the lair, Felicity feels pressure to prove her worth. 

"When she gets a lead on Tockman’s whereabouts, she heads out without the team, putting her in peril.

"Meanwhile, Oliver throws Sara a welcome home party, but 'Laurel' (Katie Cassidy) refuses to attend. 

"After 'Lance' (Paul Blackthrone) makes his case for a family dinner, Laurel acquiesces...

"...but when Oliver shows up with Sara, she loses her temper on both of them..."

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