Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"The Flash" Chills With 'Captain Cold'

According to reports it is now confirmed that actor Wentworth Miller ("Prison Break") will join the cast of "The Flash" as DC Comics' super-villain 'Captain Cold':

'Leonard Snart' aka 'Captain Cold' was created by writer John Broome and illustrator Carmine Infantino as the leader of the 'Rogues' and amortal enemy to 'Barry Allen' aka 'The Flash'.

Snart has no innate superhuman powers, relying on his 'cold guns' and instincts. Over the years Snart had modified his weapons to allow a variety of effects such as a cold beam that freezes anything it hits instantly, creating a cold field where people and objects literally stop in their tracks. 

Cold uses this ability to slow down The Flash's movements, bathing his opponent in a wide beam of ice designed to freeze the skin.

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