Sunday, February 08, 2015

Producer Talks "Arrow" and "The Flash"

According to openly gay "Arrow" and "The Flash" co-creator/producer Greg Berlanti, both of The CW comic book series will step up their 'LGBT' messages in upcoming episodes:

"The next step is to add a regular character, not just a recurring one, who is openly gay on the next round of these shows," said Berlanti, "because I think that’s important...

"I can remember when there were storylines with gay characters on shows like 'Family' and 'Dynasty' and thinking, I have something in common with that person," Berlanti told The Advocate. "This was way before the internet and all the visibility that has brought with it. But back then, you really felt alone and when I saw those characters on TV, I knew I wasn't alone..."

Previously, as a writer and producer on "Dawson’s Creek", Berlanti tinkered with the main characters sexuality, following up with more 'inclusive' moments in the series "Jack & Bobby", "Everwood", "Brothers & Sisters" and the 2012 miniseries "Political Animals".

According to The Advocate both "Arrow" and "The Flash" have cast openly gay lead actors including Andy Mientus as 'Pied Piper', Wentworth Miller as 'Captain Cold', Victor Garber as the creator of 'Firestorm: The Nuclear Man', and John Barrowman as 'Oliver Queen' nemesis 'Malcolm Merlyn'.

"...I love it when we get to cast openly gay actors in a role that other people may not cast that person in," said Berlanti, "because it’s nice to remind everybody of what they can do."

"The primary agenda has to be telling great stories. As a means toward that, it’s about opening up your own world. And if you do that, I think everything gets better."

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