Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"The Flash" - 'Hawkgirl' Revealed

Sneak Peek actress Ciara Renee, aka DC Comics' superhero 'Hawkgirl', in a cameo on the streets of 'Central City' during "The Flash" Season 1 Finale that aired May 19, 2015 on The CW:

"Honestly, it was a last minute decision," said "The Flash" Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg.

"I read somewhere online, it said, 'CW confirms Hawkgirl not in Flash season finale.' I said, 'That's so weird that the CW put out this thing about it. I don’t remember anyone asking us about that.' Literally, when I read that, I was like, 'Well, why can't she be in the finale?' 

"It really wasn't part of it, but we already had this sequence designed where we were going to go around the city and have everybody look up into the sky and see the singularity. 

"We were up there shooting the 'Legends' presentation, so Ciara was going to be there anyway. I asked our line producer, 'Look, I know this is last minute, but is there anyway we could stage her as part of the crowd?' 

"We picked up that shot. It's just so much fun for us because it’s just yet another glimpse at what the future of these characters are going to be. We’re so excited to be working with Ciara...To have that first glimpse of her be here on 'The Flash' was so exciting..."

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