Friday, April 21, 2017

"Supergirl" - Kneel Before 'Zod'

Actor Mark Gibbon ("The Chronicles Of Riddick") portrays 'Kryptonian' super-villain 'General Zod' in the season finale of The CW's "Supergirl":

Zod was previously played by Terrence Stamp in the features "Superman" and "Superman II", Michael Shannon in "Man of Steel" and Callum Blue in the TV series "Smallville".

The character 'Dru-Zod' created by Robert Bernstein and George Papp, debuted in DC's "Adventure Comics" #283 (April 1961), as a warlord from 'Krypton', home planet of 'Superman'. 

Like all Kryptonians under a yellow sun, General Zod possesses high-level superhuman strength, speed and endurance sufficient to stand against 'Superman' and other Kryptonians; super hearing; x-ray vision; telescopic, microscopic and heat vision; super-breath and freeze-breath; virtual invulnerability; accelerated healing and flight.

Due to his background as a Kryptonian general, Zod possesses a detailed knowledge of military tactics, battle strategy and competent military leader. Because he was trained in fighting arts long before receiving his abilities, he typically has an edge over Superman's brawling skills, over-reliance on superhuman strength, and basic knowledge of advanced human and Kryptonian hand-to-hand combat.

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