Monday, October 15, 2018

"Arrow" and "The Flash" - Best Stunt Nominations

According to the Union of British Columbia Performers, the 7th annual "UBCP/ACTRA Awards", a peer-adjudicated performer awards show, has nominated a group of stunt performers from The CW's "Arrow" episodes "Brothers In Arms", "Life Sentence" and "Shifting Allegiances", plus "The Flash" episode "Think Fast", as they all compete for a 'Best Stunt' award, December 8, 2018 at the Vancouver Playhouse:

And the Nominees for Best Stunt (2018) are:

"Arrow' - Season 6 - "Brothers in Arms"
Stunt Coordinator: Eli Zagoudakis
Stunt Performers: Will Erichson, Curtis Braconnier

"Arrow" - Season 6 - "Life Sentence"
Stunt Coordinator Curtis Braconnier
Stunt Performer: Eli Zagoudakis

"Arrow" - Season 6 - "Shifting Allegiances"
Stunt Coordinator: Eli Zagoudakis
Stunt Performers: JJ Makaro, Curtis Braconnier

"The Flash" - Season 4 - "Think Fast"
Stunt Coordinators: Jon Kralt and Trevor Addie
Stunt Performers: Chad Bellamy, Adam Chase, Mark Chin Ken Do, Lucius Fairburn, Kevin Fortin, Kevin Haaland , Zen Humpage Cody Laudan, Brian Lydiatt, Ryan Moss, James Mowatt, Jesse Pierce, Matt Reimer, Shawn Robidoux, Chris Webb, Mike Wu

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