Friday, January 24, 2020

"Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" - Part 3

Supernatural TV series "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina- Part 3", based on the "Archie" comic book characters starts streaming January 24, 2020 on Netflix:

Previously in "Chapter Twenty: The Mephisto Waltz" :

"The 'Dark Lord' visits 'Greendale' in his angelic form and designates 'Sabrina' as the 'Queen of Hell', intending to usher in the 'End Times' following Sabrina's coronation. He also reveals to Sabrina that he, and not 'Edward Spellman,' is her real father. Angry that 'Lucifer' has chosen Sabrina over her as his Queen, 'Lilith' conspires with the Spellmans and Sabrina's mortal friends to defeat the Dark Lord's plans. 

"Meanwhile, a jaded 'Father Blackwood' poisons most of the coven and flees with his twin infants. 'Prudence' and the Spellmans save several witches and warlocks but others perish. 

"Following a failed assassination attempt on the Dark Lord, 'Nick' come up with a plan to trap the Dark Lord in an 'Acheron Configuration'. 'Harvey', 'Roz' and 'Theo' use magical sigils to prevent the Dark Lord's demonic hordes from entering Greendale through the Gates of Hell in 'Tunnel 13'. 

"At the coronation, Sabrina and her friends and Lilith carry out their plot. However, the Dark Lord destroys the Acheron Configuration, compelling Nick to sacrifice his body as a vessel to imprison the Dark Lord. Before returning with the Dark Lord in Nick's body to Hell, Lilith crowns herself Queen of Hell, restores Sabrina's powers, and resurrects the real 'Ms. Wardwell'.

"While Zelda reforms the Coven around the worship of Lilith, 'Prudence' and 'Ambrose' embark on a hunt for 'Blackwood'. Meanwhile, Sabrina and her mortal friends vow to bring back Nick from hell..."

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