Sunday, May 10, 2020

"Batwoman: O, Mouse!"

The "Batwoman" Season Finale episode "O, Mouse!", directed by Amanda Tapping, stars Ruby Rose, Rachel Skarsten, Dougray Scott, Camrus Johnson, Sam Littlefield, Nicole Kang, Christina Wolfe, Gabriel Mann and Meagan Tandy, airing May 17, 2020 on The CW:

"...when a former hero of 'Gotham', returns to his old stomping grounds to settle a score, both 'Batwoman' (Rose) and 'Commander Kane' (Scott) find themselves on the defensive. Meanwhile, 'Alice' (Skarsten) has uncovered what could finally take down Batwoman, but she is losing hold on her henchman 'Mouse' (Littlefield) and 'Hush' (Mann), sending her spiraling into her most wicked self. 'Luke' (Johnson) immediately focuses on finding a way to protect Batwoman from Alice, and 'Mary' (Kang) has a chance to be the sister Kate has needed all along.

"Then new information surfaces, forcing 'Julia' (Wolfe) to warn Sophie (Tandy) about the person pulling the strings. And in a final standoff, when Commander Kane refuses to retreat from his war on Batwoman, Kate may find herself more than heartbroken by her father’s choices..."

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