Thursday, October 29, 2020

"Tom Swift" at The CW

After more than 100 years, "Tom Swift" (1910) the main character of juvenile science fiction adventures, including "Tom Swift Jr.", selling more than 30 million books worldwide, has become 'woke' at The CW, as a new TV series is in development, changing the original white, blonde and straight 'Tom Swift' into black and gay:

"...the 'Tom Swift' TV series will focus on the adventures of a 'woke' billionaire/inventor thrust into a world of sci-fi conspiracy and unexplained phenomena after the shocking disappearance of his father. 

"Tom takes to the road on a quest to unravel the truth, leaving behind the comforts of his usual moneyed lifestyle, all while fighting to stay one step ahead of a 'deep state' group hell-bent on stopping him. 

"Tom’s missions will require his genius and flair for innovation guided by love, romance, friendship and the mysteries of the universe..." 

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