Tuesday, January 05, 2021

'Bitcoin' Movies and Documentaries

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the Vancouver Film production industry. 'COVID-19' has clearly shown us how vulnerable our economic system is. We have all experienced hard times, struggling in lockdowns. However, these several months have also taught us how to focus on ourselves, our hobbies and self-development more. Now we are worried about a second wave, but remain positive, using this  time to our advantage:

Currently, the world is getting ready to experience an economic crisis: recent events indicate that cryptocurrency with Bitcoin at the top is the most effective way to invest the money: compared with other assets, crypto is more stable in this situation as they are not
dependent on all the factors which might affect traditional assets. Also, read more $5 minimum deposit casino Сanada.  Stay tuned to learn the best Bitcoin movies, documentaries, and books to enrich your knowledge about one of the twenty-first century’s most significant technological innovations.
Top Bitcoin Movies and Documentaries:
I am Satoshi by Tomer Kantor
The piece is a one-hour documentary that has won a number of awards. It provides a deep
insight into Bitcoin and how it correlates with the overall financial system globally. The movie
investigates how open-source platforms change the banking system. Thus, it is a great piece
to get a broader view on the topic.
The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin
The movie, produced by Daniel Mross, Nicholas Mross, and Patrick Lope, is a great starting point if you want to study the topic from scratch. It explains the main aspects of cryptocurrencies and BTC in simple language - all the humanitarians will appreciate the absence of complicated technological jargon. The piece focuses on the turning points in Bitcoin history - the audience gets a chance to follow all the most important events that shaped the cryptocurrency.
Life on Bitcoin
It is a fascinating movie that focuses on the just married couple who decided to live the first 90 days of their family life exclusively using Bitcoin. In 2013, when the piece was filmed, BTC was not as popular as it is now, and skeptics proved that it is ineffective in everyday life
and can not be used to buy groceries. Austin and Beccy Craig decided to bust the myth that cryptocurrency cannot be used as a day-to-day payment method - watch the movie to investigate whether the experiment turned out to be successful.

Top Bitcoin Books:
The Little Bitcoin Book
Freshly published in 2019, this is the best source if you know little about crypto assets. The book provides informative yet understandable insights on cryptocurrency in general and the
BTC market. It explains why the phenomenon of cryptocurrency occurred and how it revolutionizes the financial system of modernity. The material also includes a Q&A section, which crypto beginners will find extremely useful: here, you will find the answers to all the
questions which might come up to you as you get acknowledged with the topic.
Digital Gold by Nathaniel Popper
One of the most successful books of 2015, Nathaniel Popper’s Digital Gold was shortlisted for the McKinsey business book of the year and Financial Times awards. The author reveals the way to the success of Bitcoin through the different perspectives of the characters who have influenced the development of the cryptocurrency. Satoshi Nakamoto,
the mysterious creator of the coin, Winklevoss twins, and numerous millionaires from all around the worlds - all of them, are discussed. Popper makes an interesting thesis, stating that Bitcoin is about to become the new gold - the new global standard of value.
Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas M. Antonopoulos
Andreas M. Antonopoulos’s work has quickly become a handbook for all the crypto-enthusiasts since it was first published in 2014. It provides readers with all the significant concepts needed to understand how Bitcoin operates. Moreover, it also includes a detailed explanation of blockchain, the technology behind the coin, and bitcoin e-wallets. The most recent update, which was published in 2017, reflects all the critical changes that the cryptocurrency has gone through.
So no worries: if we are forced to stay home due to the second wave of lockdown again, the time will not just pass by! As you have the list of the most useful and exciting books and movies on the topic of Bitcoin, several weeks at home should be fun and productive...