Tuesday, January 17, 2023

"Superman and Lois" - Season Three

Season Three of the live-action DC Comics adaptation "Superman and Lois", stars T
yler Hoechlin as 'Clark Kent' and Elizabeth Tulloch as 'Lois Lane', who are parents to super-powered teenagers, airing March 14, 2023 on The CW:

"...in Season One, 'Clark Kent'/'Superman' and 'Lois Lane' return to 'Smallville' with their sons 'Jonathan' and 'Jordan'...

"...where they are reacquainted with 'Lana Lang', her husband 'Kyle Cushing' and their daughter 'Sarah'.

"Their idyllic lives are upended when 'The Stranger' enters, as well as by the secret experiments of 'Morgan Edge'.

"During Season Two, Superman's painful visions lead him to an encounter with 'Bizarro' while also butting heads with 'Lt. General Mitch Anderson' .

"In addition, Lois deals with the 'Inverse Method' cult led by 'Ally Allston who swayed 'Lucy Lane' to her side and has made an enemy of Bizarro for her supposed conquering of his world..."

Returning cast includes Alex Garfin, Erik Valdez, Inde Navarrette, Wolé Parks, Dylan Walsh...

...Emmanuelle Chriqui, Tayler Buck and Sofia Hasmik. New cast member is Michael Bishop. 

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