Friday, November 10, 2023

Do Not Work Notice: "HELL BELOW" - Season 4



DO NOT WORK NOTICE: Hell Below - Season 4
Thursday, November 9, 2023

Attention: Talent Agents and UBCP/ACTRA Members:
Please be advised that the project entitled “Hell Below Season 4”, being produced by Parallax Film Productions is not signatory to any UBCP/ACTRA agreements. As such, this production is currently non-union:
It is a contravention of the UBCP/ACTRA By-laws and Constitution for a union member to audition or work on any non-union production in recorded media. A member must only work for an engager who is signatory to a collective agreement.
Accordingly, there are significant consequences for full members, apprentice members, and background members found to be auditioning for, or working on, a non-union production. There are also consequences for talent agencies found to be directing members to non-union work. 

We recognize the many members and agents who stand in solidarity with UBCP/ACTRA, particularly by refusing to participate in this and other non-union productions. We will update you if an agreement with the producer has been signed.
In solidarity,