Sunday, October 29, 2006

Screaming Chicken

Screaming Chicken Doing Wood's "Orgy"

The Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society is a not for profit theater/burlesque company specializing in pushing the boundaries of modern theater.

Based out of Vancouver BC, Screaming Chicken actively tours western Canada and the US North West.

Their shows take inspiration from traditional Burlesque, Gran Guignol, Vaudeville, B-movies and pop culture, featuring elaborate costuming, props and make-up.

Screaming Chicken's Board of Directors are Norm Elmore, President, Rebecca Franklin, Vice President, Sedge Lewis, Treasurer, Kristi Luvroc, Secretary and Dan Hill, Board Member.

Currently on Stage are performers Melody Mangler, Evil Bastard, Candy Curves, Bernie Bombay, Camero Luvroc, Lil Luvroc, Connie Lingus, Darla Devine, Mya Mayhem, Dentor, Jazmina Bizarre, Otto Von Kraut, Violet Femme, Whisky Rose, Tart 'n Tiny and Ruby Ruse.

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