Thursday, November 09, 2006

"Raymond" Writer Believes In "BLIP TV"

Ellen Sandler, former writer/co-producer of hit TV series "Everybody Loves Raymond", attended Vancouver's recent Film and Television Expo West (FTX West) where she talked about her new projects, including BLIP TV.

Although Sandler has worn many hats in her career, including executive producer, TV script writer, consultant, teacher and author, her main passion is working as a playwright, recently writing/producing the play "How It Go" starring actress Megan Mullay for HBO/Warner Bros. which later developed into a TV pilot for the Oxygen Network.

Sandler grew up in Iowa and moved to New York to attend film school, receiving a B.S. from Syracuse University and an MFA from The American Film Institute.

She was nominated for an Emmy as co-executive producer, writer of CBS' "Everybody Loves Raymond" and writer for ABC’s "Coach", also creating pilots for ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox Family, Disney, Oxygen and the Australian Children’s TV Foundation in Melbourne.

Her consulting company "Sandler Ink" was started five years ago to educate and help emerging writers, providing script development and career coaching for professionals.

Her most recent book "The TV Writer’s Workbook: A Creative Approach to Television Scripts" was published by Bantam.

Sandler also taught five classes at this year's FTX West Expo and attended the FTX West 'Great Canadian PitchFest' October 15, listening in on many pitches as Director of Development for BLIP TV, looking for character-based comedy for short videos /webisodes 30 seconds to ten minutes in length, to be distributed by Sprint PCS and other cellular phone content providers.

Created 3 years ago by CEO Paula Montondo, Sandler anticipates that in the coming years, BLIP TV will be on the cutting edge of the new digital media.

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