Saturday, February 24, 2007

"Bionic Woman": Vancouver Casting Call

"The Bionic Woman", a 2-hour NBC TV pilot starts shooting March 19 in Vancouver. Executive producers are David "Battlestar Galactica" Eick, Bruno Heller and Laeta Kalogridis. Director is Michael Dinner from a screenplay by Kalogridis and Heller.

According to the casting breakdown, the production is still looking for series' regulars including:

"'Jonas Bledsoe', 50s-60's, forceful and not above lying to get what he wants. He is the ruthless leader of the secret government agency that turned 'Jaime' into a 'Bionic Woman'. Though furious with Eric for wasting $50 million worth of classified, illegal technology on "some girl," Jonas decides to use Jaime to track down and retrieve the other Bionic creations who escaped.

Topping his list of fugitives is insane, deadly 'Sarah Corvus', whose violent break-out and subsequent revenge streak haunts Jonas to this day.

After using unscrupulous means to manipulate Jaime into joining his organization, Jonas agrees to her terms and we get the feeling he will treat her with respect and honesty from now on.

'Dr. Eric Masters', 27-31, good-looking, sexy, likeable and devoted, he is Jaime's supportive boyfriend of two months who already knows she is the one. As a young prodigy (finished college at age 15 and became a surgeon at 22) he's a genius in his field - bionics - and the only one capable of performing the illegal, complex surgeries the government has been experimenting with.

When Jaime nearly dies in a car accident, Eric doesn't hesitate using bionic surgery on her, even though this means going against his superiors and breaking every rule in the book. His innovative behavior and past deeds make him a target of deadly Sarah Corvus.

'Jae Kim', early-Mid 30's, handsome, skilled, wiry and lithe. He is a Field Leader who is second in command to Jonas. He can't believe Jonas is even considering making Jaime a field agent, but feels compelled to prove Jaime's skills to her, which he does by attacking her with a knife. She handily deflects him, stunned by her own abilities.


'Ruth Treadwell', 50s, tough, very smart with a "don't mess with me" vibe. She's head of intel and logistics for Jonas. She explains to Jaime that her bionic surgery also endowed Jaime with built-in programming for split-second reflexes and combat training, and advises Jaime to stop thinking and just be. Because she's respectful, reassuring and straightforward, we get the feeling we can trust Ruth.

'Becca Sommers', 15. Jaime's younger sister. She's a pretty teenager determined to hide her looks under a tough, sarcastic, resentful demeanor. It's clear Becca misses her mom and blames Jaime for not spotting the signs of her mom's disease sooner. Still, beneath her brave, spiteful exterior lies the heart of a vulnerable girl who really does love, and need, her big sis. Her dad took off years ago, and when Becca was 11 her Mother died leaving Becca in Jaime's care.

"EastEnders" actress Michelle Ryan has landed the lead role in the 'reconceptualization' of the classic TV series. The 22-year-old Taurus beauty, who played 'Zoe Slater' in the BBC soap for five years, will portray 'Jaime Sommers', the tennis professional whose body is rebuilt with super-human, electronic parts following a parachuting accident.

"It's a complete reconceptualization of the title," said Eick.

"We're using the title as a starting point, and that's's using the idea of artificial technology as a metaphor for what contemporary women sometimes feel is necessary, to do everything that needs to be done".