Monday, March 05, 2007

"Blood Ties" Stakes Out BC Turf

Production continues in British Columbia on the Insight/CHUM, episodic horror TV series "Blood Ties".

Produced for Lifetime, the show is based on the 'romantic triangle' dominating author Tanya Huff's vampiric detective, novel series "The Blood Books", featuring private investigator 'Vicki Nelson', her ex-partner 'Mike Celluci' and the 450-year-old vampire 'Henry Fitzroy', the bastard son of England's Henry VIII.

Christina "The Chronicles of Riddick" Cox stars as Vicki, with Dylan "Jag" Neal as Mike and Kyle "Beautiful People" Schmid as Henry.

Lifetime will run 13 episodes of the 22 in production, with an option to pick up more.

Scripts based on Huff's books are adapted by Peter Mohan, also executive producer of the show with Randall H. Zalken.

Produced by Adam J. Shully, "Blood Ties" is shot by DP Danny Nowak.