Thursday, July 26, 2007

More "Watchmen" Cast Announced

According to Warner Bros., slated to shoot the comic book-to-film feature "The Watchmen" in Vancouver this fall, actor Patrick Wilson will play 'Daniel Dreiburg' aka 'Nite-Owl', a retired hero who joins 'Rorschach' to find the killer of 'The Comedian'.

Actor Matthew Goode will play 'Adrian Veidt', aka 'Ozymandias', a wealthy ex-superhero who lives in the North Pole, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is 'Edward Morgan Blake', aka 'The Comedian', a superhero who fought in Vietnam then worked for the American government, Malin Akerman is 'Laurie Juspeczyk', aka 'Silk Spectre' who is romantically involved with 'Dr Manhattan', Jackie Earle Haley is 'Walter Kovacs', aka 'Rorschach', the only non-Government hero to remain active after the 'anti-superhero law' was passed and Billy Crudup is 'Jonathan Osterman', aka 'Dr Manhattan' who got trapped in a nuclear test chamber and dissolved to an atomic level, becoming a real 'superhero'...