Tuesday, September 04, 2007

PAL Vancouver: September 3

The Performing Arts Lodge (PAL), a thriving co-operative in Vancouver's Coal Harbour District, hosted a party for residents/friends September 3, featuring an array of foods, wines and an abundance of West Coast film/TV talent, including actors, publicists and set designers.

Val Mason, Managing Director, PAL Vancouver

PAL Vancouver is modelled after Toronto's PAL Place, with plans in development for additional residences in Calgary, Halifax and Stratford.

Dancer/Artist Lorna Schwenk

In March 2004, the City of Vancouver selected PAL to operate a $17.25 million housing project on the Bayshore Development site, with residents in the performing arts, earning less than $35,000 a year, qualifying for rental subsidies.

To fulfill their mission of subsidizing people in need, PAL continues to raise funds. In addition to acquiring grants and donations, PAL's fund-raising efforts include rooms, elevators and common areas named in honour of donors, a daycare on the second floor and a 100-seat public theatre on the eighth floor for staging productions and workshops.

Actor Don Kline

While salmon steaks grilled on the outdoor barbeque, we talked with dancer/artist Lorna Schwenk, actor Don Kline, "Street Legal" designer Joseph Pothier, dancer Denise Lonewalker (pitching her upcoming 3-part dance show "The Raven") and chatted with husband/wife production team, Zoltan and Natasha Buday, who outlined their development of the upcoming $5 million horror feature "The Preacher Man"...

Producers Natasha and Zoltan Buday