Friday, December 12, 2008

"The L Word" Spins Off Into "The Farm"...

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According to reports, the spin-off of producer Ilene Chaiken's Vancouver-lensed TV series "The L Word" is titled "The Farm", shooting Dec 10, 2008 - Dec 16, 2008, being offered to Showtime as a 20 minute pilot, to gain network interest for a TV series.

Premise of the all-woman storyline, is set in a California facility called "The Humboldt State Farm and Prison for Women“, with actress Leisha Hailey playing prisoner 'Alice Pieszecki'.

Currently into its second day of shooting in Vancouver, high-heeled, short-skirted 'Pieszecki' and other women 'inmates', are bused into the correctional facility, when a fellow 'shackle-mate' pushes her to the ground, followed by guards yelling at them all to quit screwing around.

'Correctional Officer Miller' is played by actress Melissa Leo, who portrayed 'Winnie Mann' on the "L Word".

'Warden Elder', aka 'Dr. Elder' is played by Laurie "Roseanne" Metcalf.

The prison itself is reportedly divided into two cell-blocks designated 'Sherwood North', aka 'The Farm' and 'Sherwood South', aka 'The Jungle'.

Stay tuned...