Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Guests Attending VIFF Opening Gala- October 1...

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The Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) will be held October 1-16, 2009.

Founded in 1982, VIFF's mandate is
" encourage the understanding of other nations through the art of cinema, to foster the art of cinema, to facilitate the meeting in British Columbia of cinema professionals from around the world and to stimulate the motion picture industry in British Columbia and Canada..."

Here is the confirmed guest list guest of actors, producers and directors attending the October 1 Opening Gala Screening of "A Shine Of Rainbows":

Vic Sarin, director "A Shine Of Rainbows"
Connie Nielsen, actress - "A Shine of Rainbows"
Ryan Robbins – "Leslie, My Name is Evil"
Christine Solomon, actress, Ahmad Abdella, director – "Heliopolis"
Camille Sullivan + Jimmy Sigmund
Fiona Forbes
Emmauelle Vaugier - ("Two and a Half Men", "CSI NY")
Byron Lawson ("Bloodletting")
Sonja Bennet
Chad Willett
Richard de Klerk
Agam Darshi
Kevin McNulty
Gabrielle Rose
Paul Skrudland
Kristine Cofsky
Casey Manderson
Bill Guttentag, director – "Soundtrack for a Revolution"
Roger Cantin, director – "A Cargo to Africa""
Kris Booth, director + Kristin Booth, Andrea McCulloch – "At Home By Myself with You"
Granaz Moussavi, director – "My Tehran for Sale"
Stephen J. Swierczyna, director – "Cellulose"
Sam Fleischner and Ben Chance, directors – "Wah Do Dem"
Mike Dacko, director – "Lightheaded"
Jessica Oreck, director – "Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo"
Dan Stone, director – "At The Edge of the World"
Ben Lewis, director – "Great Contemporary Art Bubble"
Ondi Timoner, director – "We Live in Public"
Philip Hoare, author – "Hunt for Moby Dick"
Murray Grigor, director – "Infinite Space: the Architectue of John Lautner"

Invites have also gone out to Robert "Twilight" Pattison, Joshua "Fringe" Jackson and Zac Efron, Vanessa Hukgens from "Sucker Punch".

And count on the cream of the Vancouver film industry to attend the VIFF opening night Gala party(s), all done up in West Coast style.

Sneak Peek the trailer to "A Shine Of Rainbows"...