Monday, November 16, 2009

Sony Takes $1.634 Billion @ 2009 Box Office...

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Sony Pictures Releasing International has passed $1.634 billion at the box office, making 2009 the highest grossing year of all time for the studio, according to Jeff Blake, chairman, Sony Pictures Worldwide Marketing and Distribution.

The year has been driven by the success of a number of breakthrough hits in the international marketplace. The studio's most recent blockbuster, Vancouver-lensed "2012", from director Roland Emmerich, opened this past weekend to more than $165 million internationally ($230.4 million worldwide) and has yet to open in such markets as Japan, where it is expected to perform solidly.

Also contributing to the overseas record is Columbia Pictures' "Angels & Demons", taking in over $352 million in foreign markets.

Sony Pictures Releasing International distributed "Terminator Salvation" overseas, earning $220.6 million.

""District 9" also proved popular, gaining $88 million overseas.

Columbia's "The Ugly Truth, a modestly budgeted comedy, took in more than $112 million from international audiences (and still going), while Michael Jackson's "This Is It" has so far earned more than $222 million worldwide.

Our performance this year re-emphasizes the importance of the international marketplace and the enormous value of a release slate with global appeal, " said Blake.

"We couldn't be more proud of the films we have been privileged to work on this year and our extraordinary success reflects the achievements of our dedicated filmmakers as well as the creativity and innovation of our hardworking marketing and distribution teams all over the world."

In North America, Sony Pictures released eight #1 movies in 2009 and has currently grossed $1.259 billion in ticket sales. With "2012" expected to continue to perform strongly, and several additional films yet to be released, Sony Pictures Entertainment has generated $2.893 billion worldwide, making 2009 the second-highest-grossing year ever for the studio...