Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Syfy Explores More "Stargate Universe"

Syfy has given an additional 20-episode order to the Vancouver-lensed TV series "Stargate Universe", averaging 2.6 million viewers per episode.

With a fall-finale cliffhanger that abandons 'Dr. Rush' (Robert "Trainspotting" Carlyle) on a planet, the show's second half will become more serialized and " on the fractures within the show's group of spaceship-trapped castaways...."

"Stargate Universe" is set on the ancient ship 'Destiny', launched from Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago to seed the universe with 'Stargates'.

The series begins when a team of soldiers and scientists from present-day Earth step through the Stargate and find the Destiny, discovering most of the ship's primary systems are failing, with the crew unable to return to Earth.

New "Stargate Universe" episodes will include more sequences on board the ship as well as introduce the show's first 'alien'.

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