Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Supernatural: Beginnings End"- January 2010

DC Comics 'Wildstorm' imprint is presenting a new 6-issue comic book series based on the Vancouver-lensed horror TV series "Supernatural".

Created by Eric Kripke, starring actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, Warner Bros. Television has so far produced 90 episodes of Supernatural over 5 seasons, since debuting in 2005.
Executive producers of the show are Eric Kripke, McG, David Nutter and Robert Singer.

Premise follows brothers Sam and Dean Winchester as they hunt down demons and other figures of the paranormal.

The first issue of Supernatural: Beginnings End will be released January 20, 2010, from the TV series writing team of Andrew Dabb/Daniel Loflin, with illustrations by Diego Olmos.

"...Picking up several years after the "Rising Son" miniseries, the 'Winchester' clan find themselves in the strangest situation imaginable - monster hunting in New York City..."

In issue #2, due in February, the story gets even stranger as John Winchester's obsession with the demon that took his wife, then destroyed his life, now threatens to destroy his family.

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