Thursday, January 07, 2010

Dennings Wakes Up "Daydream Nation"

"Daydream Nation", a new 'dark comedy' feature starring Kat "House Bunny" Dennings and Josh "Poseidon" Lucas is prepping for a 6-week shoot in Vancouver.

Directed by Mike Goldbach, cast also includes Andie MacDowell and Reece Thompson.

"...In this coming-of-age story, a teenage girl moves from the city to a small town, only to find she has absolutely nothing in common with the stoner-hicks who populate her high school. So 'Caroline Wexler' begins an affair with the one person she connects with: her handsome young teacher.
But with a killer on the loose and townsfolk disappearing around them, their relationship takes a turn for the worse—and when Caroline breaks it off in favor of a boy her age, the rejection makes her teacher crazy, driving the film towards its surreal, heartbreaking, wildly romantic conclusion..."