Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quebecor Media Takes CBC/Radio-Canada To Task

Quebecor Media Inc. has responded to what it says is 'misleading and unfounded information' published in its regard, by CBC/Radio-Canada, a federal crown corporation.

"Arriving as it does on the eve of our appearance before a parliamentary commission studying CBC/Radio-Canada's access to information shortcomings, one must question the motives behind this unprecedented effort on the part of a crown corporation to attack a large company in its sector," declared Pierre-Karl Peladeau, President and CEO of Quebecor Media.

"...Quebecor Media requests that CBC/Radio-Canada immediately retract itself and remove without delay the false and malicious information contained in its communication. Quebecor Media will not tolerate that an institution of the federal government will attempt to sully its reputation in this matter..."

This is not the first time that CBC has taken a biased stand. In Toronto, CBC Radio in particular is quite annoying in the mornings with host Matt Galloway of "Metro Morning", who has an obvious dislike of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and continues his attempts to try and ridicule Ford, whether cross-examining guests until they admit that they agree with him (which they don't) that Ford is inept, or by playing stand-up comic clips that characterize the Mayor as a buffoon.

You can read more about Quebecor's claims against CBC/Radio-Canada here.

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