Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Arrow: Trust But Verify" - January 23, 2013

Sneak Peek DC comic book villain 'Firefly' in the CW's "Arrow" episode "Burned", airing January 16, 2013, as well as titles and descriptions of the next 2 "Arrow" episodes to follow, airing January 23 and January 30, 2013.

" 'Burned', Oliver' meets 'Garfield', a fireman badly burned three years previously. 

"During that time, while on duty, Garfield's 'Fire Chief' left him behind in the midst of a deadly blaze. 

"The ordeal ultimately forged Garfield into a bitter, vengeful man called 'Firefly'....

The January 23, 2013 episode of "Arrow" is titled "Trust But Verify", written by Gabrielle Stanton and directed by Nick Copus :

"...the next person on 'Arrow's (Stephen Amell) list is 'Diggle's (David Ramsey) commanding officer and mentor from Afghanistan, 'Ted Gaynor' (Ben Browder). Oliver suspects Ted is responsible for recent armoured truck robberies, but Diggle defends Ted and takes a job at Ted's security company to keep an eye on him. Oliver decides to make a move on Ted, which puts him at odds with Diggle. Meanwhile, 'Thea' (Willa Holland) suspects that 'Moira' (Susanna Thompson) is having an affair with 'Malcom' (John Barrowman). Then 'Tommy' (Colin Donnell) and 'Laurel' (Katie Cassidy) have an awkward dinner with Malcom..."

 The January 30, 2013 episode of "Arrow" is titled "Vertigo",  written by Wendy Mericle/Ben Sokolowski and directed by Wendey Stanzler :

"...'Thea' (Willa Holland) is in trouble with the police after she gets caught using a drug called 'vertigo'. 'Oliver '(Stephen Amell) thinks the only way to keep her out of jail is to find the dealer, a man who goes by the name of 'The Count' (Seth Gabel). Oliver turns to 'McKenna Hall' (Janina Gavankar), an old flame and current vice cop, for help. Meanwhile, 'Laurel' (Katie Cassidy) steps in to defend Thea, and 'Felicity' (Emily Bett Rickards) gives Oliver some disturbing news about 'Moira' (Susanna Thompson).

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