Thursday, May 09, 2013

"Superman: Man Of Steel": 'Lex Luthor' Or 'Brainiac' ?

Actor Mackenzie Gray, who previously played a 'Lex Luthor' clone in The CW's "Smallville", said he appears in director Zack Snyder's, Christopher Nolan-produced 3D feature "Man Of Steel", in a 'top secret' role that will tease into a second 'Superman' feature.

Could Gray be playing 'Lex Luthor' again, or the alien 'Brainiac' ?

The original 'Alexander Joseph "Lex" Luthor', created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, debuted in "Action Comics" #23 (April 1940), with a full head of red hair, described as "...a power-mad, evil scientist" of high intelligence and incredible technological prowess. Luthor's goal of killing 'Superman' was to be a stepping stone to his evil domination of the universe.

In subsequent comic books, Luthor became hairless as the result of an artist's mistake. A 1960 story by Jerry Siegel expanded upon Luthor's origin and motivations, revealing him to be a childhood friend of Superman's who lost his hair when a fire destroyed his laboratory. Blaming Superman, Luthor vowed revenge.

In subsequent versions of the character, Luthor became a wealthy industrialist, thanks to the patents on his numerous inventions, but still possessed with a jealous and burning desire to rid the world of 'Superman'.

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