Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Arrow": Season 2- 'Black Canary' Revealed

According to CW President Mark Pedowitz, the upcoming Second Season of "Arrow", based on the DC Comics character, debuting October 8, 2013 will reveal the 'secret identity' of the 'Starling City' costumed vigilante character, known as 'Black Canary'.

In the first season of "Arrow", the character 'Dinah Lance' (Alex Kingston) returned to Starling City because she believed her daughter 'Sarah' didn't die during a ship-wreck on the 'Queen’s Gambit'.

Pedowitz has confirmed that 'Sarah Lance' to be played by Caity Lotz ("The Pact") will be the new Black Canary.

The Black Canary comic book character was created by writer Robert Kanigher and illustrator Carmine Infantino, debuting in "Flash Comics" #86 (August 1947) in a "Johnny Thunder" story.

During this 'Golden Age' of comic books, Black Canary was the alter-ego of 'Dinah Drake', taking part in crime-fighting adventures alongside her love interest and eventual husband, 'Gotham City' detective 'Larry Lance'. 

The Black Canary did not possess superpowers, but was a hand-to-hand fighter who frequently posed as a 'crook' in order to covertly take down criminal organizations.

She was also a member of the 'Justice Society of America', noted as the first comic book superhero team-up.

Later stories, published during the 1960's or 'Silver Age' of comic books, depicted Black Canary as a world-class martial artist with a superpowered 'Canary Cry' sonic scream that could shatter objects and incapacitate enemies.

DC Comics later depicted Black Canary as 'Dinah Laurel Lance', daughter of Dinah Drake, the original Black Canary.

The younger character was then paired romantically and professionally with archer 'Green Arrow'.

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