Friday, December 27, 2013

"The Flash" Joined By DC Comics' Character

The CW's new "Arrow" spin-off, "The Flash", will start shooting in Vancouver, March 2014, with the addition of another DC Comics' character, who will appear alongside 'Barry Allen' (Grant Gustin) aka scarlet speedster 'The Flash':

DC Comics' superhero character 'Vibe', aka mechanical engineer 'Cisco Ramon', will appear in the new series.

Created by Gerry Conway and Chuck Patton, 'Vibe' first appeared in DC's "Justice League of America Annual" #2 (October 1984).

His 'sonic powers' enabled him to create shock waves of considerable strength, able to shatter concrete or steel, due to 'interdimensional physics'. This power also has the ability to disrupt the 'Speed Force', making him one of few characters in the DC Universe who poses a serious threat to the Flash.

"... 'Cisco Ramon' might be one of the most powerful super-humans on the planet. He wields vibrational powers that could in theory shake the Earth apart. And he's the only person we know of who can find and track interdimensional breaches, undetectable by security cameras..."

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