Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Guard Killed On Set Of "Falling Skies"

According to VancouverFilm.Net, a security guard was killed September 15, 2014 on the set of TNT’s alien invasion TV series "Falling Skies":

"...the man was struck by an unattended truck that rolled down a hill and pinned him against a tree. Production on the show, which is underway on the fifth and final season near Vancouver, was shut down today. Production was prepping for the next day’s shoot. The name of the security guard has not been made public.

"A five-ton truck parked on a 6% slope had been left unattended," said Scott McCloy, spokesman for 'WorkSafeBC', British Columbia’s Workers’ Compensation Board, which is investigating the accident. "The vehicle tailgate was lowered for off-loading of equipment. The truck rolled backwards down the slope and the deceased worker was caught between the tailgate and the tree..."

The series was shooting its fifth and final season.